Tyler Studt
[ Principal Partner and Co-Founder ]
Based in Kansas, Territorial Rep KS, IA, MO, CO, OK, NE(Nebraska, not New England), and have extensive connections in GA; Online Dealers, International Sales, Law enforcement, Buying Groups and Multiple Distributors

Phone: (785) 275-1171

Email: tstudt@theevo-group.com

Tyler Studt is a principal partner and co-founder of the group. Before founding The Evolution Group, he was General Manager for G2 Research LLC and operates as a co-owner of CNC Swiss Shop where he was recognized by his factory clients on numerous occasions. His past experience includes management, product development, manufacturing development and field sales. Tyler currently services Domestic and International for the group. He is an Army Veteran. avid outdoorsman, hunter, shooter, National Rifle Association member and holds countless certification specialties.